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EnglishIn specialises in editing academic papers for students who speak English as a Second Language.

With our valuable service, ESL students can finally concentrate on research and critical analysis. Our efficient and meticulous editors will take care of all your grammar needs.

EnglishIn’s standard of pure excellence ensures that you can submit your English written paper with confidence!


We make you smile

Experience the bliss of submitting an academic paper that reflects a scholarly student! It’s not that you’re not brilliant; it’s simply that English is your second language.

EnglishIn gives your paper a grammatical facelift. Our ‘surgeon-editors’ review syntax/sentence structure, tense, spelling, punctuation and much more. Your paper will be enhanced to display a succinct and smooth expression.

Unsure about an edit? Want more clarity? We offer all students a 10-minute Skype call to discuss the changes.

Once you are happy with the edits, we provide a review of your writing style: The Post-Mortem. In this review, we highlight excellent features of your writing along with tips on how to refine your English skills.

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Price Calculator Ready to get started? You can calculate the cost of your edit and order your service now.  Pricing in USD.
Quick example: 4500 word paper = USD $225.

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Our Philosophy is to uplift our global society as we grow. EnglishIn is in the process of establishing social partnerships with volunteer organisations globally. You will receive a discount in exchange for your volunteer hours. Know of an organization that needs volunteers? Want this offer in your city? Just tell us.

Top 16 Qs

1. Can you edit my paper on any topic?

Absolutely! In fact, we have editors with PhDs in special areas.

2. What kind of experience do your editors have?

Profile of our editors: (a) All holders of advanced degrees, (b) Teaching English as a Second Language, (c) Work in academia as professors/lecturers, (d) Professional experience with international organisations and global companies.

3. Is there a second editor?

Yes! Two editors review your paper.

4. How do I submit my paper to be edited?

You can submit your paper here

5. How much does it cost?

Use our easy calculator to determine the rate. You can also view the below chart. Quick example: a 4500 word paper at $0.05 per word is USD $225.

Word Count0 - 500501 - 10001, 001 - 10, 00010, 001 - 20, 00020, 001 - 25, 00025, 001 - 50, 000
Rate per word in USD$0.09$0.06$0.05$0.035$0.034$0. 027



6. How long would it take?

0 – 1000 words = 48 hours
1, 000 – 5, 000 words = 72 hours
5, 001 – 10, 000 = 7 days or less
10, 001 – 20, 000 words = 10 days or less
20, 001 – 50, 000 = 14 days or less

Whoa! More than 50, 000 words? Message us here about your thesis.

7. Is a deposit required?

Yes, a 50% deposit is required.

8. How do I make payment?

EnglishIn offers Paypal as a payment option. With Paypal you can use your Master card, Visa, AMEX or Discover.

9. How can I see my work before making final payment?

EnglishIn sends you a sample of your edited work.

10. My work is urgent; can I have an express edit?

Submit your work and inform us of the urgency, we will let you know if your request can be met.  Please note that EnglishIn will not compromise thorough revision of your paper.

11. Will you preserve my writing style?

Yes! If you are a beginner English speaker, we will edit the grammar but will not edit your paper to sound like an advanced English speaker, as this won’t be a true reflection of your command of the language. Your Professor will notice the difference and we do not want you to get into trouble!

12. Are there any discounts?

Coming soon! Our Philosophy is to uplift our global society as we grow. EnglishIn is in the process of establishing social partnership with volunteer organisations. You will receive a discount in exchange for your volunteer hours. Know of an organization that needs volunteers? Want this offer in your city? Just tell us.

13. Can I get a sample?

For a limited time only, EnglishIn will offer sample edits to students.  The sample edits covers only a small segment of your paper. We aim to respond quickly to these samples but please note that there is a high demand for this service.

14. Is my work kept confidential?

Yes! Your work is shared with our editors only.

14. Can you help me get published?

EnglishIn can help you improve the quality and presentation of your work. We have no direct impact on whether you receive a publishing agreement.

15. Can EnglishIn write my essays?

EnglishIn works with diligent students who write their own papers.

16. Who owns the Copyright in my work?

EnglishIn does not own the intellectual property rights to your work and will not infringe upon those rights. Read more in our Copyright Notice.

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